Monday, January 11, 2010

Who are the players in the 3rd District Freak Show to Replace Brian Baird?

John McKibbin- Can anyone say, "Riverwalk LLC. law suit?" His candidacy was over before it began. Vegas odds of winning 1 out of a 100

Deb Wallace- Can anyone say, "Margaret Singer meets Melissa Ethridge?" Ok, please don't wheel out the handicap son for this campaign. I am sure he is a nice guy, but the routine is getting a little old. Vegas odds of winning 14 out of a 100

Craig Pridemore- Can anyone say, "Ugly as a horse head but lethal as a serpent?" Democrats go hard left in the primary, he stands a good chance. Vegas odds of winning 20 out of a 100

David Castillo- Can you say, "Not from Clark County, Bush-era government worker and Bankruptcy?" Trifecto! Vegas odds of winning 10 out of a 100

Denny Heck- Can you say, "Who the Heck cares?" This guy hasn't been politically relevant since 1987, Vegas odds of winning 15 out of 100

Jon Russell- Can you say, "Man-child?". This guy makes Ralph Reed look like an old man; try dry shaving maybe something will grow. Vegas odds of winning 20 out of 100

Jaime Herrera- Can you say, "Nice hair but nothing under it?" Ask her a question and you will see the brain actually trying to compress together enough air to spit out a sentance. Vegas odds of winning 20 out of 100

So to sum it up....It's almost anyones game, I just wanted to take very shallow jabs at all of them. Maybe I will do a more indepth analysis later, but for now I will just use what I find on the web.